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Mit / with:
Sigrid Tanghe (Video),
Gunda Gottschalk (Geiger / violin),
I-Fen Lin (tanz / Dance),
Peter Jacquemyn (Kontrabass / Double Bass),
Wu Wei (Sheng),
Klaas Verpoest (Video)
Geraldo Si (Tanz and Licht / Dance and Light Design)

jan pillaert

jan pillaert 3
foto jan pillaert2

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Die Aktion führt zur Idee, die Interaktion zeigt den Weg.
Wir handeln! Wir tun: Nicht die Dinge, die wir im Kopf haben. Wir "machen" einfach.

The fundamental cohesion of motion, trace and sound results in the pictorial creation, the sound-picture and the choreography : simple and transparent and at the same time complex and poly-interpretable concerning contents and emotions.
The action leads to the idea, the interaction shows the way.
To do! We do: not the things we had in mind. We just “do”!

Belgium 2008/2009